GitHub Pages

  1. In VSCode workspace settings set "foam.edit.linkReferenceDefinitions": "withoutExtensions"
  2. Execute the “Foam: Run Janitor” command from the command palette.
  3. Turn GitHub Pages on in your repository settings.
    • The default GitHub Pages template is called Primer. See Primer docs for how to customise html layouts and templates.
    • GitHub Pages is built on Jekyll, so it supports things like permalinks, front matter metadata etc.

How to publish locally

If you want to test your published foam, follow the instructions:

Assuming you have installed ruby/jekyll and the rest:

source ''

gem "github-pages", "VERSION"

replacing VERSION with the latest from (e.g. gem "github-pages", "209")

Other templates

There are many other templates which also support publish your foam workspace to github pages

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