Daily Notes

Daily notes allow you to quickly create and access a new notes file for each day. This is a surpisingly effective and increasingly common strategy to organize notes and manage events.

View today’s note file by running the Foam: Open Daily Note command, by using the shortcut alt+d (note: shortcuts can be overridden), or by using #snippets. The name, location, and title of daily notes files is #configurable.

Roam-style Automatic Daily Notes

You can automatically open today’s note on startup by setting the Foam › Open Daily Note: On Startup setting to true.

Daily Note Templates

Daily notes can also make use of [Note Templates], by defining a special .foam/templates/ template.


Create a link to a recent daily note using snippets. Type /today and press enter to link to today’s note. You can also write:

Snippet Date
/tomorrow tomorrow
/yesterday yesterday
/monday next Monday
/+1d tomorrow
/-3d 3 days ago
/+1w in a week
/-1m one month ago
/+1y in one year


By default, Daily Notes will be created in a file called in the workspace’s journals folder, with a heading yyyy-mm-dd.

These settings can be overridden in your workspace or global .vscode/settings.json file, using the dateformat date masking syntax:

It’s possible to customize path and heading of your daily notes, by following the dateformat masking syntax. The following properties can be used:

  "": "journal",
  "foam.openDailyNote.filenameFormat": "'daily-note'-yyyy-mm-dd",
  "foam.openDailyNote.fileExtension": "mdx",
  "foam.openDailyNote.titleFormat": "'Journal Entry, ' dddd, mmmm d",

The above configuration would create a file journal/daily-note-2020-07-25.mdx, with the heading Journal Entry, Sunday, July 25.

NOTE: It is possible to set the filepath of a daily note according to the date using the special [note-properties] configurable for [Note Templates]. Specifically see [[note-templates#Example of date-based Example of date-based filepath]]. Using the template property will override any setting configured through .vscode/settings.json.

Extend Functionality (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Notes)

Please see [note-macros]