Wikilinks are the internal links that connect the files in your knowledge base. (Also called [[MediaWiki]] links).

To create a wikilink, type [[ and then start typing the name of another note in your repo. Once the desired note is selected press the tab key to autocomplete it. For example: [graph-visualization].

Cmd + Click ( Ctrl + Click on Windows ) on wikilink to navigate to that note (F12 also works while your cursor is on the wikilink). If the file doesn’t exist it will be created in your workspace based on your default [note-templates] settings.


You can also create a [[placeholder]]. A placeholder is a wikilink that doesn’t have a target file and a link to a placeholder is styled differently so you can easily tell them apart. They can still be helpful to highlight connections.

Open the graph with Foam: Show Graph command, and look at the placeholder node.

Remember, with CTRL/CMD+click on a wikilink you can navigate to the note, or create it (if the link is a placeholder).

Support for sections

Foam supports autocompletion, navigation, embedding and diagnostics for note sections. Just use the standard wiki syntax of [[resource#Section Title]].

Markdown compatibility

The Foam for VSCode extension automatically generates [link-reference-definitions] at the bottom of the file to make wikilinks compatible with other Markdown tools and parsers.

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